10 Awesome Home Business Opportunities for Moms

be your own boss? Looking for a home business that's legitimate and costs little to start? Here are 7 home-based businesses I highly recommend! Awesome work from home opportunities! You can make money from home!" alt="7 Awesome Home Business Opportunities for Moms">

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7 Awesome Home Business Opportunities for Moms

Do you want to be your own boss? Are you looking for a home business that’s legitimate and costs little to start?

A home business allows you to control your income and the hours you work. You’re not dependent on someone else’s efforts. If you put in the time, you’re the one who benefits.

I’ve been working from home since the mid 90’s, and I’ve had numerous home businesses over the years – some more successful, some less. But I’ve never regretted any of them.

10 Home Business Opportunities I Highly Recommend:

#1  General Transcription as a Work at Home Career

If you’ve been a reader of Work at Home Mom Revolution for long, then you know a general transcription home business is my latest effort – going on more than a decade now. It’s a great home-based career. You create your own schedule and work as much or as little as you like, and the rewards are great!

Read my work at home story and learn how to get started in a work at home general transcription career!

If you want to learn more about training for a work at home transcription career, and you’re seeking in-depth, step-by-step training, I highly recommend Janet Shaughnessy’s awesome course Transcribe Anywhere!

#2 Start a Money-Making Blog

If you’re interested in starting your own money-making blog or website, read my Step-by-Step Instructions for Starting Your Own Money-Making Blog or Website. There are 5 easy steps to get started, and each step is spelled out in detail.

This lady – Michelle Schroeder-Gardner – will tell you how to make money with your new blog! She makes more than $100,000/month herself! She teaches a course: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. It is awesome! I took it, and I highly recommend it!

#3 Become a Pinterest VA

Pinterest VAs are earning $25 to $50 per hour or more! If you love Pinterest, and you’ve been looking for a unique home-based business, this might be perfect for you!

 Learn More About Becoming a Pinterest VA!

#4 Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are earning $35 to $50 per hour or more, and so can you! This is a lucrative home-based career, and top-notch training is available online!

Become a Virtual Assistant: Make $35 to $50 Per Hour or More!

#5 Start a Freelance Writing Home Business

Freelance writers are in demand. As the Internet expands, so does the need for content, and you can be the one to provide that content! If you have spelling and grammar skills, this could be your dream work at home career.

Start a Lucrative Freelance Writing Home Business!

#6 Become a Freelance Proofreader

Just as the demand for freelance writers has grown, so has the demand for proofreaders to proof that content! Everything on the Internet needs proofreading! Freelance proofreaders can make an excellent income online!

Learn How You Can Train Online to be a Freelance Proofreader!

#7 Become an Online Medical Coder/Biller

This is a high-paying online career that you can train for in as little as four months! Medical coders/billers are in demand, and the future outlook for this career path is great!

Learn How You Can Train Online to be a Home-Based Medical Coder/Biller!

More Home Business Ideas:

#8 Work from Home as a Medical Transcription Editor

#9 Become a Facebook Ad Manager and Make Up to $2,000 a Month per Client

#10 Become a Scopist and Earn Between $30,000 and $50,000 a Year


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