Pneumonia epidemic: scientists say they have had a common cold or provide you with some protection

Scientists say they found cells that can cope with the new coronavirus (Covid-19) in the blood of people who have contracted other coronaviruses and caused a cold.

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This discovery brings hope to people, which means that some people can get some degree of protection from it.

This may also explain why some people have less severe symptoms after contracting new coronary pneumonia, while others are very sick.

There are many types of coronaviruses, among which are viruses that can cause the common cold.

In other words, although you are only suffering from a common cold, your immune system is actually ready for a challenge when it encounters a new coronavirus.

This research was published in the journal Cell.

T cell

According to this study, human T-cells (T-cells) are different from antibodies in that it can find those infected cells.

Davis, a professor of immunology at the University of Manchester, explained that when cells are infected with coronavirus, the viral protein molecules will split into small fragments and attach to the surface of infected cells.

When T cells find these molecules and react before they start to multiply (because these alien species have never appeared in the body before).

At this time, the T cell killer in the human body begins to attack the infected cells.

Some helper T cells also start sending signals to other cells, for example, to produce antibodies.

Like antibodies, T cells do not disappear after fighting infection, but remain in the body.

This latest study was conducted by the La Jolla Institute for Immunology in California.

The researchers observed the T cells in the blood of the new crown rehabilitation person, and then compared the frozen blood of those who had not been infected with the new crown but had a cold to see if there were similar T cells.

They found that about half of the people had resistance against the new coronavirus.

But this is after all the test result of the laboratory. As for the extent to which a common cold in real life can protect you from the new crown, it remains to be proven.

New Crown Symptoms

At the same time, the British government has recently renewed the symptoms of the new crown disease and officially included the sudden loss of sense of smell and taste.

Previously, high fever and persistent dry cough were mainly used as the main symptoms of new coronary pneumonia, and it was recommended that only those with fever and dry cough should isolate themselves.

But other countries and the World Health Organization have listed the sudden loss of smell and taste as one of the symptoms of the new crown.

A spokesman for the British Prime Minister ’s Office said that this would help prevent the epidemic from spreading further.

The WHO says that in addition to the most common fevers, coughs, and fatigue, people with new crown infections may also experience the following symptoms:

■Body pain

■Sore throat


■Conjunctivitis (red eye disease)


■Loss of smell and taste

■Rash or discoloration of fingers / toes


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